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CCCOnline, on behalf of the Colorado Community College System, is pleased to make Colorado’s Top 40: OER Curation Guides available. Made possible by a grant from the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Colorado’s Top 40: OER Curation Guides are discipline expert-reviewed, librarian-curated OER guides for the most popular courses in Colorado.

How to use these guides

These materials have been curated from a variety of sources by librarians and vetting for content and alignment by subject matter experts. We hope you find them useful as you develop your own OER/ZTC course. Material included in this document may include open courses, open textbooks, and/or sections of open content that is mapped to specific outcomes/competencies or items in the topical outline found in Colorado’s Common Course Numbering System.  

We encourage you to evaluate the included resources. As each curation guide contains a variety of resources, please be sure to verify the usage rights (which may be a Creative Commons license), subject matter, and accessibility for each item you choose to use.  Please note that the content in this document is from a snapshot in time, and links, licenses, and accessibility may have changed since their inclusion. Links to content are provided rather than actual learning objects to provide the most current version of the content available.

After verifying, here are some ideas for using the curated resources:

  • Adapt as course content
  • Revise to meet your needs (e.g., remove a section or chapter)
  • Remix with other OER or self-created content to create something new
  • Insert links into your course

If you would like additional assistance using or locating OER for your course, reach out to your institution's OER Committee or Librarian.

Give us some feedback

Let us know how these guides are helping in this confidential, 4 question survey.

Spread the Word!

Tell the world about Colorado's Top 40: OER Curation Guides on Twitter and Facebook by using #COTop40, #OERinCO, and #CORises.

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