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Creating a ticket

  1. In the CCCO Portal, click on the Employee tab. Then under Employee Gateway, click the link to access the Jira Service Desk:
    • CCCO Portal Employee tab
    • CCCO Portal AT Service Desk Link
  2. To log in to Jira, use your S# and network password (the same password as your CCCS work laptop and e-mail account)Before submitting a request, you can use the search bar to find a self-help article in our Knowledgebase, which may help solve your issue without needing outside assistance.
    • Jira Service Desk search bar
  3. If self-help will not suffice, you can raise a request about your issue instead, either by choosing a request under "Can't find what you need? Raise a request", or by clicking "None of these are what I need" to go back to the first screen.
    • Jira Service Desk search results
  4. To open a ticket from the main screen, choose the request category from the left hand menu, and then choose the request type that best describes your issue:
    • AT Service Desk choosing a request
  5. Fill out your ticket in the fields provided, as best you can. You can also attach files if necessary. Once you have filled out your ticket, click Create.
    • fill out AT Service Desk ticket

Checking the status of your ticket

  1. Once your ticket is created, you will receive an email notification. You can check on the status of your ticket by clicking "View request" in the email, or by going back to the Service Desk main page and clicking "Requests" in the upper right corner.
    • AT Service Desk email view request
    • AT Service Desk Requests status

Interacting with your ticket

  1. To make comments on your ticket, you can either reply to the initial email, or make a comment directly on the ticket. Both will generate a comment on the ticket.
    • Commenting via email:
      • AT Service Desk ticket email reply
    • Commenting on the ticket:
      • Commenting on AT Service Desk ticket

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