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CCCOnline is looking forward to serving the colleges by supporting the CCCS faculty who will be teaching with us in the pilot for Fall Semester 2020. To request for a faculty at your college to teach for CCCOnline, please fill out the form below. Once CCCOnline receives notification, we will send you the faculty member a detailed information packet regarding the pilot. We will have an orientation workshop for the pilot faculty set for the week of August 10th and facilitated by the Dean of Academic Affairs at CCCOnline.

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ConfiForms Form Definition

SubmitRequestFacultyThank you, your request has been submitted.trueINLINE

sNumberInstructor S#false[LmsSupport=LMS Support|DigitalAccessibility=Digital Accessibility|DigitalIntegrations=Digital Integrations|MiddlewareSupport=Middleware Support|SupportDesk=24x7 Support Desk|DupeSupport=Dupe Support|ProjectManagement=Project Management|ApplicationSupport=Application Support|SoftwareSupport=Software Support|]id;falsetexttrue

fullNameInstructor's Full Nametexttrue

courseRequestCourse Requested (Course Number)texttrue

homeCollegeHome Collegefalse[ACC=Arapahoe Community College|CNCC=Colorado Northwestern Community College|CCA=Community College of Aurora|CCD=Community College of Denver|FRCC=Front Range Community College|LCC=Lamar Community College|MCC=Morgan Community College|NJC=Northeastern Junior College|OJC=Otero Junior College|PPCC=Pikes Peak Community College|PCC=Pueblo Community College|RRCC=Red Rocks Community College|TSJC=Trinidad State Junior College|]label;falseselecttrue

haveCollegesStudentsDo you want the faculty to have their college's students?true[yes=yes|no=no|]label;trueradio_group


instructorSupervisorNameInstructor's Supervisor's Nametexttrue

instructorSupervisorEmailInstructor's Supervisor's EmailInvalid instructor's supervisor's email!texttrue^\w+([-+.']\w+)*@\w+([-.]\w+)*\.\w+([-.]\w+)*$

reporterNameSubmitted By (Your Name)texttruereporterTitleSubmitted By (Your Title)texttruereporterEmailSubmitted By (Your Email)texttrue

Send Email[entry.reporterEmail]onCreatedNew Faculty Teaching for

Instructor's Full Name: [entry.fullName]

Course Requested (Course Number): [entry.courseRequest]

Home College: [entry.homeCollege]Have College's Students?: [entry.haveCollegesStudents]

Instructor's Supervisor Information: Name: [entry.instructorSupervisorName], Email: [entry.instructorSupervisorEmail]

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