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Project/Enhancement Information



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Please enter a short description of the project/enhancement

Business Case

The Business Case outlines the need and drivers behind a project/enhancement request and establishes the justification for spending the limited resources available at CCCOnline

Enter the purpose of the project/enhancement

Enter project/enhancement drivers

Enter known time constraints and any known deadlines

Project/Enhancement requirements

Please describe the project/enhancement requirements

Strategic Alignment

What impact will this project/enhancement have on the CCCS Strategic Goals and CCCOnline Priorities? Select the areas of impact and offer an explanation for how this project/enhancement contributes to CCCS and CCCOnline meeting the prescribed goal.

Student Experience

Operational Effectiveness

Faculty/Staff Impact

Best Practice

Please provide your reasoning on how this project/enhancement request is considered a best practice.

Project/Enhancement Risks

List any known project/enhancement risks

Functional Areas / Organizational Impact

Which functional areas and which schools may be impacted by this project/enhancement request (check all that apply)?



State or Federal Mandate

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